"Lord Heal My House - Part II"

From the beginning God established his covenant with the family and the devil hates anything God ordains. This is why the enemy constantly fights the family structure and unity within the family; he’s jealous.   

The word of God charge parents to instill godly principles and values in the home as well as your children. It’s essential that Christian children know who they are and what their role in society is. There are so many intentional distractions for the youth, but it’s up to the adults to keep God in the forefront of their lives.

 It is imperative that you cover your house from negative and harmful spirits.

                                             Here are tools to  protect  your house:

H- HABITATION your house is a dwelling place, a place of peace

O- OBSERVANT be aware of what’s going on; watch those spirits and guard your house

U- USHER always welcome God's spirit in your home; initiate praise and worship

S- SITUATION things will arise in the home, give it to God; there's a battle in the mind God can handle it

E- ESCAPE whatever obstacle you face God has already made a way of escape; have a forgiving heart

Saints now’s the time to get it together; change derives through pray and submitting yourself one to another.

Believers both young and old, stop playing with God. It's time to take your rightful place, walk in obedience let God’s favors and blessings overtake you.

Lord heal this house.


Bishop Thomas L. Johnson Sr. - Pastor